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Monday, August 25, 2008

Madonna "Got Stupid"

In past posts I have talked about many of the entertainment stars that show their buffoonery when they think that they have the answers to our problems just because they are “stars”. Don’t get me wrong, they have the right to voice their opinions. But for some reason they think that their opinions are more valid then anyone else’s because of their stardom.

Madonna is the latest loser to join the ranks of those that should just “shut up and sing”. (obtw, I don’t want to hear the conservatives come out either. I want entertainers to entertain).

In her latest world tour that just kicked off, “Sticky and Sweet”, she sings her song “Get Stupid” and flashes images of McCain with destruction, global warming, Adolph Hitler and Robert Mugabe.

This is insulting and offensive! To include any U.S. politician in that same group of people is outrageous and utterly reprehensible.

I hope Americans will see this and respond by not buying her tickets. But, I fear that there are many other of her ilk that loathe the very country that gives them the freedoms and opportunities that they enjoy.

Then, at the end of the song she includes Obama, John Lennon, Ghandi and Al Gore in the same grouping. YGBSM!!

Ghandi is the only one of that four that has really done anything for the world! Lennon was a great entertainer and Gore was VP. Obama has done nothing! Give me a break!

Madonna has always been known for trying to go for the “shock and awe” approach in her career but now she has lost it. First of all, A 50 year old woman using the tour title of “Sticky and Sweet” is ludicrous.

Madonna, I hope you stay in England for the rest of your life. The last thing we need in this country is another “America-hating” has-been that thinks she represents what America thinks.


And Madonna deserves no martini.


Chad said...

I don't know I think it says more about us than her that we are listening to a 50 yo Woman sing about being Sticky and Sweet.

Chuck said...

I agree with Chad. Entertainers get adoring treatment from the public and it doesn't take them long to start believing that adulation is because of them, not because of their entertainment talents.

BTW what is wrong with a 50 year old woman being Sticky and Sweet? I have a 67 year old woman who is fine as wine.