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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The World Wants Obama - Do We Really Care Who The Rest Of The World Wants As President?

A BBC poll states that the world wants Obama. My guess is that this really means that the other socialist countries want another socialist and the trouble makers want a weakling in office.

What are your thoughts?


Metropolitan Martini

1.5 parts brandy
1 part sweet vermouth
1/2 tsp sugar syrup
2 dashes Angostura bitters

Mix ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake until COLD. Strain into a coctail glass and be metropolitan.


Chuck said...

I agree the socialists want us to become socialists like them. I guess misery loves company.

When I was working in Italy, I saw just how ineffective and counterproductive a socialist society makes it's workforce. If a worker is totally incompetent or is disruptive it takes at least a year to fire him and when you finally do fire him, you have to pay him for an additional 2 years.

I don't think the EU brand of socialism is going to last. They are encroaching on too many of the citizens freedoms and I don't think they will put up with if for very long.


Larry said...

when the US Congress and SCOTUS gets veto authority over legislation in other countries, then I'll be fine with their citizens voting in our elections.

A-6Dude said...

@Chuck, sounds like it is easier to fire an Italian government worker than an American government worker...

@Larry, which is more likely to occur? Are you still in the sandbox?