Here's What's in My Dirty Martini

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Have Started Another Blog Site Dedicated to All Things Martini

Check out my other site dedicated to nothing political...just martinis.


You'll see the recipe there.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I saw you linked to me via Site Meter. Of course my curiosity was peaked. I like the blog and your style. My husband was in the Army - Medic/Paratrooper. He loved jumping out of those planes.

I really got a bang out of who you would like to have a martini with and thank you for including me.

I'll add you to my list of links - well, not as exciting as a martini but hey, I think being worth the mention is better than any martini anyways!


A-6Dude said...

@Layla, thanks for adding me to your site as well. I will try to live up to your standards.

As for your husband, I would rather land on the pitching deck of an aircraft carrier at night than jump out of a plane. Thank God I never had to actually pull the ejection handle (came close a few times).

Of late I have not had much time to blog and read blogs but yours is one that I read when I have time. Keep up the great work.


A-6Dude said...

@Layle...try the martini recipes. You'll like them.