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Friday, July 25, 2008

The 5th Beatle

He’s a rock star!

No, Barak Hussein Obama is a “Barock” star. I don’t know if he can play any musical instrument but the mainstream media (MSM) treats him like a rock star.

His ‘World Tour 2008’ is being covered in depth by the MSM sycophants. When the three major network news anchors fly out with him on this tour it says a lot about them. This man is not anything more than a first-term senator who happens to be the presumptive nominee of the Democrat party.

The way the MSM is fawning all over him you’d think this was a reunion tour of the Beatles. Or, perhaps Barak is the 5th Beatle! John, Paul, George, Ringo and Barak!

Give me a break! This guy is not the President of the United States yet the MSM is covering every stop as if it were a state visit.

So on his ‘World Tour’ it is reported that he has an approval rating is 80% over there. Why isn’t it that over here?

The Europeans probably do like Obama. In reality he is a socialist. Any objective look at his policies and proposals will lead any honest person to say that the only difference between Barak and a socialist is that he doesn’t call himself one. And, socialism is predominant in Europe.

And, thus, the Europeans hang on his every word. He, alone, will save our reputation in the world. You know, the reputation that Bush has supposedly ruined with his cowboy diplomacy.

As much as he is treated like the 5th Beatle, how is he going to repair a reputation that has not really been tarnished? And here is why I say this:

He was over there in Germany yesterday bashing America in his Berlin speech, and apologizing for the actions of the U.S. This is disgusting and real Americans should make this known to him.

And, who said that he could apologize for what America has done? Especially in a country that has committed the atrocities it has.

If our reputation is so tarnished why is it that more people want to immigrate to America than all other countries combined? Why is it that when aid is needed in the world the first people that are called are Americans? Not Europeans…Americans! Why is it that in less than 300 years we have become the greatest country God ever let exist? We have done more good in the world than any other country in history and we haven’t been around for thousands of years…like some of them.

We do more for the world than probably all other countries combined. So if the world hates us as much as the MSM and the liberals say, why does the world turn to America first?

Because they want to be US!

But, I’m sure they do like Barack. He supports the policies they embrace in their world. And look what it has gotten them: high inflation, double digit unemployment, more restrictions of individual freedoms and an economy that is no where near as robust as ours.

I really don’t care if any other country likes us or not. America is the biggest beacon of freedom the world has ever seen, and perhaps ever will. No American should care about what other countries think of us either.

But if the 5th Beatle is elected president this fall I wonder about a couple of things:

Will they still like him when he has to make and enforce the policies of the U.S.?

Or, will he?


Nutty Martini Recipe

6 parts vodka
1 part Frangelico
Lemon twist

Combine liquid ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake until VERY cold. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with lemon twist.


Chuck said...

Is Obama more like the 5th Beatle or the 4th Stooge? He babbles out of both sides of his mouth on every issue and when speaking without a teleprompter he steps on his dick more than John Holmes.

I agree that Obama has collosal gall to apologize for America. It is especially irkesome that he issued the apology to people, who were it not for America, would be speaking Russian and living in a gulag.

I really don't care what Europe or any other country thinks of America. If you were to take the contributions America has made to the betterment of the world since the American Revolution and compare them to the contributions of the rest of the world during the same period it would be like a mosquito on an elephants ass.

America has led the world in medical, science, charity, freedom and in military sacrifice for other countries since it's inception. What has the remainder of the world done but suck the blood of Americans.

As for whether the Europeans like George Bush or not, where would THEY be had he not taken the war on terror to the home of the terrorists? The attacks in London and in Spain would have been repeated many times over. In protecting America against terrorists, Bush has reduced terrorism in the remainder of the ungrateful world.I wish there were a way to protect America and let the terrorists have their way with the rest of the world.

When Obama, if elected, takes office, I'll bet it will be a very short time before Al Quida becomes active again. They will use his and the democrats lack of fortitude to begin attacking us and the Europeans.

If we elect this stooge we deserve what we get. It won't take long before the populace will demand action and Obama won't know what to do.

Sorry to spout off but Obama is sticking in my craw.


2sweetnsaxy said...

Hey Dude! Thanks for dropping by. Sorry I haven't gotten over here sooner.

As for this Obama thing... Sigh! The way I see it, McCain made such a big bruhaha that Obama had never been overseas I don't see how the media could have responded any differently when he did go. I wonder if it was the fact that he was going or the fact that they're looking for stuff to hang over his head and were hoping to find something on this trip. The media doesn't like to miss anything. How great would it have been if he went over there and fumbled? Accordng to you he did and would you have known if the media hadn't gone with him to cover it?

I also find it interesting that Chuck commenting above called Obama a stooge. We've had a stooge in office for 2 terms. I don't see how one stooge is worse than the other but I personally would opt for a new stooge rather than another to take his place standing on the exact same ground.

What I know is that whether you like McCain, Obama can do no right and if you like Obama the result is much the same.

I'd think though that even you have to admit, this is the first in a long time the younger American public is actually speaking up about a presidential candidate, that no one since Kennedy has had such a popular stance with the media.

I'm just excited to see that someone has gotten people excited and into voting and pushing for a candidate for a change. This is not the year for people thinking one is no worse than the other and not going to the polls because they don't think it matters which one wins. I think that's a good thing. Maybe that is why Obama seems to be as popular as a Beatle. He's really not business as usual and have given a lot of people what they feel is a reason to get up and go vote.

A-6Dude said...


Always glad to have you on the site. I think the bruhaha that McCain made about BHOs lack of time in theater was warranted. Obama sits back here and makes all of these arbitrary decisions to bring the troops home and he doesn't even know what is happening on the ground. He is the chair of the Afghan committee and had yet to be in Afghanistan until now. That's not real leadership.

So, it wouldn't have mattered if McCain had made a big deal out of it or not, the media is doing everything they can to get him elected. Pehaps my real beef is with the mainstream media.

Not sure I agree with your point that if you're for McCain that Obama can do no right and vice versa. I don't agree with McCain on half (or more) of his stances on things like illegal immigration, global warming and a few others. But, I agree with Obama about NOTHING. As you can tell I am a conservative. Conservatism works every time it is tried. Liberalism has failed every time. But that is a longer discussion.

Obama is really a socialist. America is not a socialist country (yet?). All of his policies are about transferring wealth from the so-called rich. That is not what made America great. Freedoms and a free market economy are what have made this country the BEST country in the world...ever!

I respect that you are likely an Obama supporter. I also respect your reasoned approach to your viewpopints. This is not the first time since Kennedy that the media was fawning all over a candidate (and obtw, Kennedy had much more in the way of experience than doe BHO), Clinton was treated like a God too.

But 2S&S, why does it matter whether or not the media like him so much and are so excited by him? They do NOT represent the American people. They (the MSM) represent themselves and have always been in the tank for the Democrat Party.

What will matter in November is what the American people think of BHO or JSM.

I have another question too...the trend is that the young don't vote (even Bill Clinton didn't bring them to the polls in the general elections) in general elections. They are usually very involved in the primaries. I wonder if they will stick to it this fall.

Glad to have on my site. Feel free to visit anytime and agree or disagree. I like the discussion.

And if you like martinis, try the recipes here and check out my other site,

Dave D said...

Much ado about nothing. Never has anyone said more about nothing and been as eloquent in the process as Barack Obama. It's been unfortunate that in the last few elections I've been forced to vote for the lesser of two evils because I don't think the right person was running for the job in either party. Now, though, I find myself scared to death of a democrat getting the nod. Obama in the oval office and Pelosi in the House is a recipe for disaster. Socialism is a scary concept if you value the freedom of choice. At least McCain won't tell me what health care plan I have to have.

Hey, Caz, how 'bout a blog on the "fairness" doctrine??? That one just blows my mind...

Layla said...

Oy! Obama makes me sick. Make my martini a double please.