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Monday, April 21, 2008

What If on Global Warming

This is a short post. My question to all of the believers of the man-made global warming hoax is simple:

Let’s just for a minute accept the premise that you are right. Let’s also say that tomorrow we adopted all of the measures you think we should take. Let’s say that it works and we achieve the 0.7 degree reduction in temperature in the next 50 years that Kyoto promises.

What do we do when the next ice age occurs?

So we reduced emissions to get us cooler, what do we do to get us warmer?


Russian Martini Recipe
4 parts vodka
4 parts gin
1 part white chocolate liqueur

Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake till very cold. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.


Man-Made Warming Skeptic said...

Well, back in the 70's when everyone was freaking out about global cooling someone had a great idea to warm things up. It involved covering the icecaps in soot so they would melt and warm the oceans. Its a good thing we didn't follow threw with that one.

Chuck said...

After millions and millions of years in which earth's climate has swung to and fro I don't see how anyone can take a few years of drought as a sure sign of the planet "having a fever".

The whole climate change thing is a scam perpertrated by "climatologists" and politicians to get money from the government. Speculation has become the new science and if a mime is repeated often enough it becomes a fact.

Another area where speculation has become fact is astronomy. How many times has the theory of what killed the dinosaurs cahanged in the past 10 years. First it was a mega volcano, then it was a meteor then it was a comet. Maybe they just became so big and consumed such huge quantities of food they simply ran out of something to eat.

Wrap almost anything in a blanket of pseudo science and you will find a following.