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Friday, February 15, 2008

Useless Idiots

Hillary and Obama lovers, take note of your party. This is why most Americans don’t trust the Democrat Party with the defense of this country. The House of Representatives left for a full week of President’s Day recess without authorizing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) reauthorization, a law that permits the government to monitor terrorist communications. The law will expire tonight. Thank you for your service to our country.

Even though President Bush pleaded with the House to quickly pass the Senate version of the bill that was agreed upon with bipartisan support, the House Democrat Leadership refused to call a vote on it. Instead of doing something to help protect this country, the Democrat leadership (if you call it that) decided to have a debate that led to charges of contempt of Congress against White House aide Josh Bolton and former White House counsel Harriet Miers for refusing to answer questions before the House Judiciary Committee.

Contempt of Congress???? How about we charge them with Contempt of America? Or, impersonating an American? YGBSM!!!

In the middle of a war against our civilization, the Democrat leadership would rather let a critical capability used to defend this country lapse so that they can charge two administration officials with contempt? This is not leadership, this is TREASON!

Yesterday, President Bush warned in a press conference, “Failure to act would harm our ability to monitor new terrorist activities and could reopen dangerous gaps in our intelligence,” And if you don’t think the enemy is ready to exploit this gap you are gravely mistaken.

Just when I think the Democrat Party cannot act any more ‘anti-America’ they prove me wrong. After it was found that the Bush administration had engaged in covert surveillance activities with cooperation from phone companies like Verizon, AT&T, and BellSouth, a debate has erupted, largely on party lines, over whether or not to protect those companies from prosecution under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Disputes over the phone companies’ decision to cooperate with government requests has resulted more than 40 multi-billion dollar lawsuits. This is a collossal waste of time and money!

Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell wrote in a Washington Post op-ed today, "We are already losing capability due to the failure to address liability protection."

Do you hear that America? National security should not be a partisan issue but time and again the Democrat Party tries to thwart us from protecting ourselves.

The Senate version of FISA reauthorization would grant immunity to those phone companies, but liberal Democrats in the House were staunchly opposed to doing so. Democratic Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Rep. Silvestre Reyes (Tex.) wrote in a letter to President Bush on Thursday, “I see no argument why the future security of our country depends on whether past actions of telecommunications companies are immunized.”

Of course you don’t, Congressman Reyes, anyone that helps defend the country IS your enemy. I don’t know any other conclusion to draw.

Thank God for one intelligent Democrat. Senate counterpart Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D.-W.V.), chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, urged his Senate colleagues to vote in favor of the immunity provision in the Senate bill.

On the Senate floor Thursday, Rockefeller said that without FISA reauthorization, "the quality of intelligence we are going to be receiving is going to be degraded. It is going to be degraded. It is already going to be degraded as telecommunications companies lose interest."

House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi argued that a FISA lapse “does not mean that surveillance activities will cease.” WHAT??? Madam Speaker, read the law!

If FISA is not reauthorized, the Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence would be stripped of power to authorize new certifications against foreign intelligence targets, including international terrorists, abroad. This removes a very valuable source of intelligence against these terrorists.

After the current FISA bill that permits the government to quickly obtain communications records expires, the law will automatically revert to a previous version that requires the government to prove probable cause of terrorist communication before communications may be monitored. In a world where actionable intelligence is of great importance, the anti-American party again proves that they are not the people to trust with the security of this country. They keep crying about our civil liberties being eroded.

And here is a question I have been asking for so long: Exactly what civil liberties have I relinquished? Perhaps their 60's LSD trips are returning.

If after listening to Pelosi you don’t get the clue that she does not give a damn about the security of this country, then perhaps you, too, are experiencing the same flashbacks as the 60's burnouts. The Democrat Party does not care about securing America - they are too busy burning incense on the alter in hopes of a recession; praying for more doom and destruction anywhere so they can blame the current administration; and hoping that they can find anything to prove their worth - even dipping down to MLB investigations in congress to let us know that they are on top of everything.

Everything but our security – the Useless Idiots!


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