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Friday, February 1, 2008

Berkeley Declares War on Marines

Among the classifications that liberals use to describe conservatives and republicans are: intolerant, narrow-minded, racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic and mean spirited, and the list goes on. Basically, we are not tolerant of alternative and different points of view.

Here’s what I’ve noticed about liberals: the very same people that accuse us of being any one or more of the above adjectives exhibit those traits FAR beyond that with which we are said to do. It starts with their intolerance of any opposing viewpoint and spreads out from there.

So, we shouldn’t be surprised by a story coming out of Berkeley, CA today. It appears that the local government wants the Marines out. We’re not talking about a Marine Corps base or airfield or supply depot. We’re talking about a recruiting office. The recruiting office opened in Berkeley a little over a year ago. They were quietly doing their business of recruiting volunteers to become Marine officers. That is, until about four months ago when Code Pink began regular sidewalk protests against these baby killers.

Then, the Berkeley City Council passed a measure by a vote of 8-1 to tell the Marines their downtown recruiting station is not welcome and "if recruiters choose to stay, they do so as uninvited and unwelcome guests."

Who would make better guests then? Perhaps Osama bin Laden or three or four of his followers? Or maybe they could turn the place into a day worker site. As long as it’s something that is against America I’m sure it will be acceptable.

The council also voted to explore enforcing a city anti-discrimination law, focusing on the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. This is where they expose their hypocrisy. Remember the tolerance and inclusion that they say we don’t exhibit? Well, I don’t see it on display by them either. In fact, I see bigotry, intolerance, discrimination and absolute un-patriotic behavior.

Liberals are HYPOCRITES! They are all for tolerance and diversity as long as you are agreeing with them. Just ask the liberal that keyed my car during the 2004 election because I had a Bush sticker on it. I had to check my Webster’s dictionary to make sure I new where to send the updated definition of tolerance to for inclusion in their next edition.

Then, in a separate 8-1 vote, the council voted to give protest group Code Pink a parking space in front of the recruiting office once a week for six months and a free sound permit for protesting once a week.

Now, I wonder if they would have voted to give a pro-war group that same type of privilege to protest in front of City Hall. Or, would they give Pro-Life group the same deal to protest in front of a baby killing clinic.

And then, it gets even more telling about who these people are.

"I believe in the Code Pink cause. The Marines don't belong here, they shouldn't have come here, and they should leave," said Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates.

Mayor Bates, you are entitled to your opinions. And you are free to express them regardless of how idiotic you sound doing so. But do you know why you are able to say these things and make a fool of yourself? Because the very Marines that you so despise and want out of your city are the same ones that freely put their lives on the line so that you can express your 1st Amendment rights, you ungrateful piece of s**t!

And now Code Pink is circulating petitions to get a measure on the ballot in November making it more difficult to open military recruiting offices in Berkeley if they are near homes, parks, schools, churches, libraries or health clinics (read: baby killing clinics) or anywhere else that anyone of the very tolerant citizens of Berkeley might find themselves having to endure the offense of the presence of a United States Marine.

Code Pink has the right to protest. And though I don’t agree with them I wouldn’t begrudge them their constitutional right to protest, even against the very people that secure that right. But they are protesting the wrong people.

Marines, or any other service for that matter, do not determine whether or not we go to war or when. Their job is to execute policy. That policy is set by the government. The President decides on taking us to war and the Congress must approve it. Like it or not, that is what has happened.

So, if these sheep want to protest, they should be outside of the White House and Capitol letting the politicians that approved this war know what they think. Insulting and impugning the honor of the Marines that protect their right to protest is ludicrous and deplorable.

Some business owners aren't happy with the weekly protests. "My husband's business is right upstairs, and this (protesting) is bordering on harassment," Dori Schmidt told the council. "I hope this stops."

Dori, you have just as much right to counter-protest if you wish. Why not do it? At least you’d be protesting against the right people – Code Pink.

These people, the Berkeley liberals and Code Pink, have no honor or courage. As far as I’m concerned they can protest all day long. They are hypocrites and cowards and do not represent what is good in America.

But at least they are not trying to convince us they support the troops like their liberal counterparts in Congress.


Here’s an appropriate martini for this post:
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2 parts gin
Bitters to taste

Shake over ice until COLD and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a twist.


Chuck said...

I commented earlier that I hope Jim Demint's effort to deny Berkley it's earmarks would be sucessful but it didn't post. That scrambled letter thingie probably was the cause.

I finally got around to blogrolling you. Watch out for the huge increase in traffic you will get.


William Stout said...

Your article is eloquent and accurate. These “progressives” are socialists to their very core and are intolerant of differing views. Good work, I will be a regular reader.

A-6Dude said...

Bill, thanks from one Virginian to another.