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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Voter IDs

Next week the Supreme Court will hear arguments for Indiana’s voter ID law. Georgia’s similar law will be affected by their decision, expected sometime in June 2008.

The Republicans want this law in effect to prevent voter fraud. I agree. In Virginia, I have to show my driver’s license every time I vote. I don’t have a problem with it. I smile, show them my ID and then go cast my vote. It takes about 15 seconds of my time.

To me this makes great sense. Voting is reserved for U.S. citizens. Why should it be a problem to verify your citizenship status and eligibility to vote? I have to prove my citizenship status every time I get a new job and for a host of other events in my life. So why is it a bad thing for us to prove we’re U.S. citizens when we vote?

The Democrats say we’re disenfranchising the poor. How? It is not hard to prove you’re a legal citizen. It takes little effort to get a copy of your birth certificate if you don’t have one.

The Dems only care about this because it is the poor that usually vote for them. After starting the War on Poverty 40 years ago the Dems still cannot declare victory and yet the poor seem to follow them like sheep. And this has created a section of our population that has become dependent on the government for their well-being.

Just think about that for a minute – the Dems started a war 40 years ago and have spent over 7 trillion dollars on it and still have made no real progress. Why do the poor in this country continue to follow them?

And if there is no requirement to prove you’re a legal citizen of this country then illegals can vote and that the Dems want – to create another permanent underclass of people that are dependent upon them for their well-being. That’s just what they’ve done to the poor in this country.

To me this is a no brainer. Even though it is part of a voter fraud preventative measure, it is also an issue of right and wrong. Voting in America is a right of U.S. citizens and they should be able to prove, and have no problem with proving, that they’re legally eligible to vote.


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Dr. T said...

The poster girl for those against the photo ids is an old woman who lives in both Florida and Indiana and who is registered to vote in Florida, but who wanted to vote in Indiana and was not allowed to because her photo id is a Florida DL. Seems to me if she wanted to vote in IN, she should be registered there! THeir poster child is someone who essentially tried to break the law by trying to vote in a district in which she was not registered.